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This article was quoted by Chris today on his Weibo. The points in it may not all correct but it is very touching. It was written in Chinese , I tried to using Google translate for you guys. It is not translated completely correct. Mom can do it better,

This is a well-known top show host Liangji Zhang in HK wrote to his son in his last days before he passed away. This letter quickly spread in major web sites, many fathers feel the same way. This letter is not only enlightening the sons , but also equally suitable for other youths and all of us. It is not a long paragraph, but it is very touching and shows boundless love a father to a son. It also contains lot of a father’s personal life experience.

My children: I wrote this memo to you based on three principles:

1. Life is unpredictable. No one would predict how long I live. It is better to tell you now when I still can
2. I am your father, If I do not tell you, no one will tell you.
3. Described in this memo, are all my painful experiences from my past failures. you can avoid lot of mistakes that I made if you pay attention to this now.

Here are few things that you should remember in later your life:

1. For people who treat you not well, you do not need to mind that much. In your life, no one is obligated to be good to you all the time, except me and your mother. For people treat you well, you should cherish them, and be thankful.

2. No one is irreplaceable, nothing is a must have. Seen through this, you will not sad or upset even you lost all the treasures you own. You should know that this is not a big of deal.

3. Life is short, perhaps you are still waste your time now, and God may take your life away tomorrow. Therefore, the sooner cherish life, the better enjoyment it will be.. Instead of hoping for longevity, it is better to start enjoy life now.

4. Love is just a feeling, and it will fade over time If the so-called best love leave you, please be patient and wait; and let time wash the pain in your heart and soul away slowly. Do not overlook the beauty of love, and at the same time do not over-exaggerate the sadness of a lost love either.

5. Although many successful people do not get high education, but it does not mean succeed come without hard work. The knowledge you learn today will be your weapons to combat the real world later. One can start from scratch, but remember, without knowledge, no one would be success.

6. I will not ask you to support my rest of my life. Same that I will not support you for rest of your life. When you grow up to be independent, my responsibility has ended; whether you take the bus or has own Mercedes-Benz ; and whether eating shark fan or just rice soup every day.

7. You can ask yourself be trustworthy, but you cannot ask others also to be honest; you can ask yourself to be good to others, but you cannot expect others all be good to you ; how you treat people, does not mean that people will do the same to you. If you do not understand this, you will have unnecessary disappointment feeling .

8. I bought lottery ticket for 26 years, but still do not have any luck; and not even won a third prize. This tells to be rich, hard work is still needed most time. There is no free lunch in our real life

9. There is only one life time chance to be father and son. No one would tell how long we would still be together, let us cherish for the time we have now. Even there is next life we may not meet again.


★ 我儿:写这个备忘录给你,基于三个原则:




★ 以下便是你在人生中要好好记住的事:



(三)生命是短暂的,今天或许还在浪费着生命,明天就会发觉生命已远离你。因 此,愈早珍惜生命,你享 受生命的日子也会愈多。与其盼望长寿,倒不如早点享受。








Love, Live, Work Hard


MCAT Post from SDN

Much of the MCAT is a practice of applying a knowledge base to interpret phenomena that may be unfamiliar. Practice MCATs teach you to understand this: Because the phenomena may be unfamiliar in specifics within a passage, applying the fundamental principles of science you can interpret the meaning and anticipate the questions. It may be a cyclotron or mass spec invention in the passage you’ve never seen before, but the questions will be about how a moving charged particle interacts with a magnetic field. Many students who neglect practice tests never break through to the understanding how the MCAT works. If you don’t take enough practice tests you are likely to confuse the content of passages with holes in their prior knowledge and wind up missing simple questions. The harder the passage, generally, the easier the questions is a good thing to learn.

There’s also a sense of enforcement of recurring themes like the difference between work and energy versus momentum and impulse or solutions solutions solutions, so practice tests highlight key ideas. Missing questions creates an expectation of knowing that has to be fixed, so practice tests have a positive benefit on content review.

For content review, my own feeling is that even the highest scoring premeds don’t really know all that much. Having worked so long in the sausage factory I know what actually is in the meat. My advice is to use MCAT review to get ready for medical school and build a habit of not compromising or faking understanding. Having covered everything in undergraduate coursework finally, now you see general science as a whole. Content review is the essence of MCAT review, an opportunity not to be missed. When you have mastery you don’t give a crap about the test. Decide not to fake mastery of general science and really learn it. Then the MCAT will be easy. Vary your content review practices between those which are tunneling through the mountain and those which are walking around the mountain. It sounds like you have too much of the former and not enough of the latter. Be sure to get through EK soon enough that you feel comfortable skimming the books from cover to cover.



A day under two months.

”2. Make a plan and then follow it religiously – even if you’re not autistic. See how much time, and for how long, you can devote to studying for the MCAT each day.”

You got this, stick to it. You know what to do, get it done!!! Fight for your dream!

Carl Sagan – You Are Here (Pale Blue Dot) [Sagan Time]

“Deal more kindly with one another; preserve and cherish, the pale blue dot. The only one we’ve ever known.”

Never forget.

Carl Sagan – You Are Here (Pale Blue Dot) [Sagan Time]